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A touch from the Baltic Sea

Postcards are often used to visually represent a place. But what if they could also represent it tactfully and with a closer connection? 
These postcards are adorned with seaweed collected along the Finnish southern coast, from the Baltic Sea. In fact, algae offer an great opportunity to be used in different ways to support sustainability in our society. 
Here, using a thick paper base, several mixes of different types of algae were created to have various touch effects and colour results.
These three postcards are part of a series of 30 and each has a different meaning, some outline the map of Helsinki from above, others are more figurative or symbolic with pieces of dried and pressed seaweed.

Exposed at the Sepikoja Galerii 1.6.-15.6.2022 in Tallinn within Elise Piquemal’s stand.

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