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Aerem - Air purifier

The design of this air purifier powered by clean wind-derived energy aims to be implemented in open urban environments.Its purpose is to filter the air from the pollution, bacteria and dust.

The idea is based on two main elements: a HEPA filter and a fan. The fans suck the air through the filter into the box, and expel the purified air from two lower openings. To realize a project working without using electricity,I thought of powering the fans with clean and inexhaustible resource: the energy of wind due to a savonius type turbine. The blowing wind spins a turbine located directly above the box, on a vertical axis. The turbine, connected through a simple pulley gear rotates the inner fans 4 times faster, in order to suck the air. Wind energy is not constant, but it allows the purifier to work whenever it blows. However, wind speed needs to be high enough to move the fans at 300 to 1000 round per minute. The purifier is also designed to interact with citizens. In fact, being placed on traffic lights, poles or walls, passing citizens will be able to move a crank, moving the fans to clean air.

This system is thought to be implemented in urban spaces, on walls, poles or traffic lights just above the height of passers-by, that is approximately 2.3 m from the ground.

In this way it can intrigue and sensitize people, be used through the crank and send clean air already directly to passers-by when propelled by the wind or manually by people.

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