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Museumnacht köln: Waldweg

During this intense project, I had the chance to work together with a group of 15 students on a theme agreed upon for the participation of KISD at the Museumnacht Köln event. Deforestation was therefore the topic on which we focused in order to explain and show the public one of the major issues that the world is facing in the last decades.

We split into smaller groups to treat the various points. Together with Kaon Kim, we concentrated on the products we consume daily which most contribute to this phenomenon. Using  recycled materials (already cut branches, boxes of used products) we have built the exhibition and the next leisure area, welcoming over 1400 visitors in the evening.The exhibition showed a path through a forest  with 7 stops. Each had a specific theme, the one prepared by Kaon and I was inside a treehouse rebuilt according to what activists did in the forest of Hambach, destroyed in recent decades to make room for a huge coal mine near Cologne. We prepared it as a supermarket selling harmful products.

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