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Etrua - Chaise longue and Ottoman

The design of this Lounge chair and its Ottoman is influenced by classic aesthetics with simple and clean lines. 

The Etrua duo enhance wood in its pure materiality and elegance. 

Their design and name take inspiration from stools and chairs made over three thousand years ago in Etruria, central Italy, the Curule seat. 

This latter was used as a sign of power and rule; later, these timeless X-shaped lines were taken up by the ancient Romans, Napoleon as well as influential architects and designers such as Mies van der Rohe.

Etrua is a sculptural chair built with North American red oak wood, while the stool is in Finnish aspen, they present an apparent reference to the modern architecture of the country where it was built: Finland.

Considering the most significant public places opened in the last decade in the Scandinavian country, like the Oodi library or the new airport Terminal, this design combines past and present, tradition and modernity.

The simple curves are in harmony with the geometrical ones of architectural works, but the pieces create contrast through their materiality linked to nature.

The parts have been produced by CNC milling two blocks of solid wood for the basis, joined afterward with glue. 

The chair’s seat part - milled in separate pieces - was assembled with inner dowels, adding finally some joints on the sides as functional and aesthetical decoration. The mechanical production method highlights the complexity behind its creation, yet opening up the possibility of producing a series.

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