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Etrua Stool

The design of this stool is strongly influenced by classic and clean aesthetic results characterized by an economy of lines.
The Etrua stool enhances wood in its pure materiality and elegance.
It takes inspiration and its name from stools and chairs made over two thousand years ago in Etruria, central Italy, the Curule seat. It was used as a sign of power and rule; later, these timeless X-shaped lines were taken up later by the ancient Romans, Napoleon, and other influential leaders.
Etrua is a small stool built in aspen wood, light and practical to bring it somewhere close in the nature and enjoy a beautiful panorama.
Its simple curves are in harmony with the organic ones of nature, but the piece creates contrast through its bright wood.
The stool has been produced by CNC milling three blocks of solid wood, joined afterwards with glue, and finally with some joints on sides.

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