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From concrete to bronze, Spira lamp.

From the ancient Greek - spira - the helix is, in geometry, a curve in space in three dimensions wrapped around an imaginary cylinder, at a constant angle concerning a fixed central axis. This geometric shape is present in nature as well as in many man-made objects and structures. The result is an economy of simple and elegant lines but with a touch of structural complexity. My design follows this shape with a double helix where both curves are then connected to the central vertical axis at their ends. The volume created, first filled with concrete - then cast in bronze, forms the central body of my lamp, which rises on a cylindrical base. Despite the materials' robustness, this design aims to create lightness and contrast. The concrete lamps are composed with recycled aggregates inside the mix to have a more sustainable result, also thanks to some kind advises shared by a Finnish company Betoni.

The third version has been produced by sand 3D printing the mould and casting the piece in stainless steel.

Concrete one exhibited at the exhibition WILD GARDEN 10.6.-20.8.2022, Glasshouse Gallery in Helsinki.

Bronze one exhibited at the ISOLA Design Gallery 17.4-23.4.2023, Isola District in Milano during Mila Design Week.

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